Awaken Your Wild Soul

Through Conscious Art that Makes a Difference

Make a DifferenceArt as a Way

Art That Makes A Difference

Art that makes a difference to YOU and your health and well-being by infusing your space with beautiful visions of nature. Most of the modern world suffers from what psychologists call “Nature Deficit Disorder,” resulting in stress, general anxiety and sometimes depression. Bringing nature art into your home brings with it the uplifting positive energies of peace and joy, and helps you re-connect with your wild soul.

Art that makes a difference in the WORLD by connecting people with Nature and inspiring compassion for animals, plants, and each other. And, through the purchase of my art, collectors make a difference by contributing to causes that make a difference, especially in increased consciousness, compassion and conservation.

Art as a Way

I teach conscious creative art practice as a way to help you discover your True Self – your Wild Soul, re-connect you to Inner and Outer Nature, deepen your intuition, and receive all the benefits of meditation including reduced stress and increased relaxation, focus, peace and joy. Then apply your new awareness to Re-Wild your life and business – return them to a properly functioning ecosystem of flow, ease and authentic alignment to your Wild Soul.

Featured Artwork

Featured Artwork

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