Animal Art that is Wabi-Sabi yet Sophisticated

Bold. Contemporary. Stylish.

Fresh, Bold, Contemporary Art Can Change The Game.

As a socially and environmentally conscious animal-lover, you choose to support wildlife conservation organizations, animal rescue charities – and the arts – through the purchase of art.

Every year you may have noticed that there’s nothing really new and exciting offered by these organizations.  It’s traditional, stuffy, and old looking.

As a savvy collector, you want to have art that expresses who you are, and a bit of your wild side. You want your home and office to look stylish and up-to-date.

The good news is that you can love animals, care for wildlife and conservation, AND have stylish, sophisticated art.

Keena Makes Interiors Exceptional.

Keena specializes in North American wildlife, endangered species worldwide, and beloved pets.

Do you want to have something special painted just for you?  Commission custom pieces for your home and office.







Keena's Works

Keena creates art on the wild side for your home and office – and wardrobe.

Environmentally Conscious Art

Keena’s art is professionally created in the most environmentally conscious manner as possible, while still being legacy quality.  That means it will last for generations. To celebrate animals and making a bigger difference, I now give 20% of the profit of original paintings, and select items, to nonprofits and charities that support wildlife and habitat conservation, and animal welfare. She also holds charity auctions of one-of-a-kind handpainted  decorative items, clothing and accessories. Interested? Join the CLUB!

Testimonials coming soon!


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