About Keena

I’m Christine “KEENA” Friedrichsmeier, and I create legacy-quality paintings for discerning animal-lovers who want to boldly express their wild spirit.

On a practical level, you need paintings that make a bold statement, yet can still coordinate with multiple rooms and color changes over many years, while still looking fresh and contemporary.

More importantly, you need art – to keep and to give – that expresses your individual style, your love of animals, and your sophistication.

You’re done with the boring, stiff and stuffy old wildlife art that disappears on your walls – the kind that now haunts garage sales. Instead, you want art that reflects both your superb, smart taste and your desire to make a difference, as well as uplifting you with joyous color and wild spirit; the kind of art that enhances your living and working spaces, your mood, and your energy.

That’s where I come in!

As an artist (and zoologist), my love of animals and nature – and my passion for color – inspires my work every single day. Animals provide us with so much – beauty, insight, power and energy – and, in the case of our beloved pets, unconditional love. I express my love for them through art, and am dedicated to helping animals through conservation and rescue. I’m delighted to know that the purchase of the right art can not only positively change your personal environment, but also the natural environment!

Conscious collectors like you make all the difference.

Whether it’s an original painting for your wall (or your wardrobe!), I know you’ll find something here that will help you make a difference AND a bold statement!

More about Keena

I am a professional, award-winning painter who started oil painting at 10 years old, sold my first professional art commission at 12, and exhibited my art alongside my childhood art hero, Robert Bateman, at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Animals have enchanted me since I was a baby. I have an Honor’s Bachelor of Science degree in biology, with a major in zoology. So, I have studied animals from both sides – art and science, inside and out!

When it comes to animal conservation, I “walk the talk”. I am currently working with species at risk (threatened and endangered herds of woodland caribou in BC; previously in Ontario, Canada), I’ve done habitat and watershed restoration in the Great Bear Rainforest, and I am an executive director on the Northwest Invasive Plant Council). I’ve contributed to World Wildlife Fund, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and several animal rescue groups. Conscious respect for our environment is of great importance to me.

I also geek out over color healing and energetics, so you can be assured your art piece “works” with more than just your livingroom decor. It works on multiple levels to uplift the energies of the room AND you!

I live and paint in a small northern British Columbia town where I can be close to the wild nature that lights my soul. My wild neighbors visit regularly – eagles, moose, mule deer, wolves and grizzly bears! In addition to iconic North American wildlife, and beloved horses and pets, I am passionate about painting endangered animal species the world over.

When I’m not painting, I love to read, and play outside – kayaking, hiking, and biking (winter, too!).

I never say no to really great chocolate (or craft beer!).

I’m obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest.  (You should follow me on both!) If you’re interested in the behind the scenes details, works in progress, and my canine studio assistant (also the subject of my first children’s book!), Instagram is where you’ll find them. I am also on Facebook.


Every piece of original fine art is created by me in my BC studio to the highest professional standards of materials and archival construction. You can be assured that your artwork is absolutely legacy quality and will last for generations.

Artist Statement

Evanescence: Portraits of the Ephemeral

Consciously pushing the abstract quality of ‘mark making’ with paint, I work in mixed media (acrylic underlayers, with impasto oils overtop) with bold, vigorous, rhythmical strokes of sensuous paint, striving to balance the beauty of the paint with the beauty of the motif. In this, I endeavor to create paintings that gratify the mind and nourish the soul, that contemplate and embrace the divine and that celebrate the interconnectedness and ephemerality of all life.

Everything is in a constant flux, and what constitutes form is, at the quantum level, really not much more than space. How often do we strive to possess the ephemeral when nothing lasts, nothing stays the same – people, animals, flowers – everything changes and eventually dies? It is the evanescence of life that is most poignant reason for painting – both the act of painting, and the keeping and viewing of the paintings themselves.

In the past I concentrated on flowers, in memory of my mom who passed on in 2015. In 2018, I am bringing this celebration of the ephemeral to animals – North American wildlife, often in need of conservation, endangered species worldwide, and our beloved pets who come into our lives for such a short time (unless they’re tortoises that will outlive us!). This new collection will be called Wild Spirit!


Solo exhibitions:

2018 Wild Spirit (new work – the Wild Spirit Collection). An eight week exhibition coming November 3, 2018.

2017 Wild Life (new work in the Wildknife series)

2014 Selected New Works

2011 Selected New Works

Selected group exhibitions:

2018 December Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2017 Light in the Forest Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2016 Wildlife Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2015 Forestry Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2014 Agriculture Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2013 Field and Forest Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

My work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Evolution of Style

I have always been inspired by nature, and I especially love painting animals, landscapes and flowers.

Over the past several decades of painting, my style has evolved from “painting every hair” to more impressionist pieces – all with a brush, and sometimes with knifed-in texture.

Over time, my fascination with, and expertise in handling a painting knife grew, and I use a knife in all my paintings now. I find it lends a freshness and sponteneity to the work; gives it a real sense of aliveness and personality! And, of course, the colour layering and mixing capabilities far surpass that of a brush.  To compare, see the traditional, realistic paintings below to the expressive, somewhat abstract impressionist aspen grove knife painting above.

In 2017, I did a completely abstract series, the Secret Messages collection, just so I could play with pure colour. Many of these are still available in the store.

In 2018, I am bringing the love of pure colour and abstraction back to animals in an evolution of the florals of the Evanescence series.

Feel free to connect with me!

You can see in this progression of paintings (left to right) over the last 15 years how my style has gone from more traditional, realistic, and truthfully, static – to bolder in colour, texture and in materials. They are much more dynamic, interesting and expressive.

In an intervening period, I also enjoyed experimenting with spare and sensuous line (egret image to left; Essences series). I had always hoped to incorporate more of this into my paintings, but didn’t feel successful at it until I brought in more abstraction (poppy; Evanescence series).

With expressive, improvisational color-play, it’s in this bold and exciting series that I will focus my work in 2018 and beyond. I feel as though I’ve really come into true creative freedom as well as sophistication in my work.

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