Artistic Truth

by | Aug 31, 2016

In the light of yesterday’s post about artistic integrity, fear, courage and change, I found inspiration in the same vein over at The Painter’s Keys.

While Robert’s timeless article was excellent, the inspiration I wanted to share with you today came from the comments. J. Bruce Wilcox wrote,

“Artistic Truth? Educate yourself. At some point- leave all your teachers behind. Make work that comes directly from your inner connection to the universe- your soul- god. Nothing else matters if you want your work to tell YOUR truth. Only you know your truth. There is no other truth. A few people will get your truth- but most won’t. Don’t care about either. If you care what other people think you will always try to make work that pleases someone else. You want that acceptance to matter. It doesn’t. Especially if you’re making art that doesn’t fit into convenient boxes. Trash all boxes. Be subversive to the truth. Create new truths. Own that. Scare the hell out of everybody. Be disruptive. A higher truth will always settle after you disrupt the truth. Always. And there are always higher truths. Why? Because 3-D is an illusion.
Where does the truth come from? “Know thyself.” Again- why? Because there isn’t anything else. If you find your artistic truth- and you create work that comes out of your core being- your work will stand the ultimate test- the test of time. Creativity is truth. Creativity is a primary reason for existence- maybe THE primary reason. Which is exactly why it is NOT supported very well in our culture- because TRUTH sets itself apart from all things that are false. And everybody hates to look in the truth mirror- because it shows them just how false they are- and they hate that. Ego? False. Religion? False. Personality? False. ART? CREATIVITY? “Now that’s the truth.”’

I was going to write something about this, but you know what? This delicious food for thought is better without the condiments!


To your truth,


PS: You can find more of J. Bruce Wilcox on Facebook

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