The Wild Spirit Collection.

Bold color. Sophisticated design. Spacious Zen aesthetic.

This mixed media collection is for lovers of juicy color and sophistication.

Glorious color.

Glorious but not garish. The color in this collection is a sophisticated palette, carefully chosen for boldness and brilliance.

Satisfying design.

Bold color calls for equally bold design.

A spacious, almost Zen aesthetic is required for balance between the color and the composition. If there is not enough “space” in the painting, the effect of such bold color becomes frantic and overwhelming. In Keena’s paintings, there is always room for the color to breathe, and to be uplifting and calm.

Modern organic style.

Bold color. Spacious design. Passionate line.

The Wild Spirit Collection is a synthesis of bold color and a spacious Zen design. The lofty Zen aesthetic can be distant and emotionless, even cold, so the bold color is a welcome counterpoint. Even so, by itself, it isn’t enough.

Keena then brings the painting down to earth with passionate expression of line. She paints the linework directly on the canvas – with no under-drawing – to bring a sketchy, wabi-sabi, handmade and earthy appeal, which adds freshness and interest.

Available in the Shop

The Wild Spirit Collection will be available in Fall 2018.

If you have an interest in a particular piece prior to its release, please contact me to place a reserve.

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