Commission Custom Art.

The next best thing to having art that inspires and uplifts you, echoes your values and makes your room look amazing, is having art that’s custom made just for you.

Animals hold a very special place in your heart.

Portraits of beloved pets are a special way to commemorate their lives and milestones. 

Animals are also meaningful symbols – of power, victory, wisdom, freedom, love – and so much more. They have been for hundreds of thousands of years. 

It’s time to honor and celebrate YOUR milestones!

The Commission Process

I would love to create a custom art commission for you or as a gift for that special someone.

Commissioning a painting of your own can seem like a daunting process, but it’s really quite easy.

Contact me and let’s discuss your project! Please be sure to mention in the message that you are emailing regarding a commission. Thank you!

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Once I receive your inquiry, I will contact you by email to arrange a time to talk on the phone about your commission. I will need you to provide such information as the size of the painting, subject, orientation (vertical or horizontal or square), the predominant colors that you would prefer or that are in the painting’s intended location, and if you would like me to ship the painting to you or paint at your location. The milestone being celebrated, the life being honored, and/or the meaningful story behind the subject is extremely important.


Once the details have been ironed out, and I have received the non-refundable 33% down payment, we will begin the design process. I will create 2-4 rough sketches to give you an idea of the final painting’s composition/design. You will choose one, or suggest another, that will become the final design of your painting. Once it is approved it is final.


Upon your approval of the final design and the receipt of the next 33% non-refundable down payment, I will begin your painting. I will keep you up-to-date with progress photos during the creation of your painting. During the painting process, I hold the intention of your painting in mind to imbue its energy. I can also embed ephemera into the painting layers – dog tags, love notes, a special rock or pressed flowers. As well, I can embed healing elements I am a certified energy healer and can assist you in choosing the most beneficial elements.

 When it is complete, including drying/curing time*, I will varnish it. When I have received your final 33% non-refundable payment, I will ship your painting to you.


Keena doesn't just make great work. She make them work great as well.

Keena creates art consciously, with respect for the environment as well as respect for the legacy quality you expect from a professionally crafted painting. She only used professional grade artist materials and archival painting techniques that will ensure, with proper care, that your painting will last for generations. 

If you have any questions about materials and methods – just ask!

Some things to note about commissioned paintings:

Keena is accepting 6 commissions in 2018.

First come first served. 3* spots have already been taken. 

Since I paint commissions in the order I receive them, and the design, painting and approval phases can take some time, you must plan roughly 4-6 months ahead of when you need your painting. 

If your commission is painted with thick oil paint, it can take up to twelve (12) months for the paint to cure enough to be properly varnished! Please plan accordingly. The Wildknife impasto/thick paint style can only be done (well) in oils.

Acrylic-based paintings need less than a week to dry before I can varnish them, so the turnaround time is much faster. If you need something quickly, I recommend water-based acrylic paint instead of oils. If you are not sure, or don’t really care which medium I use, I prefer acrylics when possible. 


* Thank you, Valerie!

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