When it comes to re-wilding your life – restoring it to properly functioning condition – you have the best intentions for 2016.

But are those New Year’s resolutions ADDING to your stress?

Often when we make resolutions we ADD them to our lives. You want to DO MORE! And in the name of greater health. You want to lose weight, perhaps, by spending more time at the gym, working out harder and longer.

But have you dropped anything from your schedule to compensate for that?

Sleep?! That’s the most common one. You read in many de-stressing articles about how you should give yourself extra time in the mornings so you won’t have to rush, aggravating your stress. So you get up earlier. Nowhere is the mention of going to bed earlier!

Instead of losing sleep, how about losing something that sucks your time, but that doesn’t add to your holistic wellness, your wild soul?!

  • Watching the news?
  • Watching stupid shows that you hate but you can’t think of anything better to do because you just want to tune out and veg?
  • How about limiting facebook time to one hour instead of two?
  • Have a housekeeper clean for you
  • Can you work from home at least one day a week and save the commute?
  • What else can you think of?

The solution to New Year’s resolutions is not to add to your stress, but to decrease it.

  • Meditation or Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Reading
  • Scheduled time “off” – with nothing actually scheduled! What are you inspired to use this time for?

How are you coping with your New Year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!

To your Wild Soul!




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