I love learning, and am curious about a number of different subjects, that on the surface may seem unrelated (among others, zoology, art/painting, kayaking, intuitive readings and business coaching – anyone else like this?!). The only thing that seemed to connect it all was me

But in a spark of inspiration (that was prompted by Steven Kotler’s book, The Rise of Superman), I realized that there WAS a thread weaving it all together – what I call Musehacking.  And (astonished gasp!) that I had actually spent my life exploring it. Along the way, there have been many insights, lots that worked and huge boatloads of things that didn’t work. I thought of how useful it would be to share this knowledge (especially the ever-useful “how-to’s” and was surprised that no one else really has!

So then I had all these plans for writing cool and useful blog posts on Musehacking.

And then I choked.

And I didn’t write anything. For weeks on end.

What happened?

Guru-ism happened.

I felt like I suddenly had to be an expert on it. And maybe even write a whole separate blog/newsletter about it, and yadda, yadda, yadda. While I have spent my life exploring this, I am still synthesizing what I’ve learned, trying to find words for things that are experiential, and am developing it as I go.

I am still experimenting, albeit now in a more focused manner, with what works and doesn’t.

I am not a guru.

I guess I am a wee bit more of an expert than someone who is completely new to Musehacking (i.e., flow-on-demand, self-leadership and a host of other stuff), but I worried that if I wasn’t coming across as some sort of guru, I wouldn’t be seen as providing something useful, or worse yet, a fraud. Isn’t this what marketing gurus all tell us?

All of this is nothing more than fear, right? My own worries projected outward.

I’ve admitted to you that I am not a guru with some official degree in Musehacking! No! In fact, I am an ongoing experimenter sharing my observations and results based on over 40 years of being a musehacker. I cannot then speak THE Truth, only MY truth. (So no more fear excuses for me! Ha!). If you apply what I share and it doesn’t work for you, it could be a number of factors, the primary one being self-knowledge (or lack thereof), including conative preferences, strengths, and of course, experience (all of which we could then work together on, if you like).

One last thing you should know: at this point, I will share Musehacker insights along with my adventures in art and nature. Since it relates to who I am and what I do, you get the package deal :). In case you are wondering why, I know my conative preferences, and I have multi-tasked multiple businesses before (leading to fragmentation and burnout), and, for now, I am done with it.

And, with that in mind, should you want to join me on my adventures in art, inner and outer nature, and musehacker insights for boosting creativity and productivity in art, life and business, please sign up! Please note that the Musehacker- specific content will be posted on my blog, but after a limited time will be password protected and only available to newsletter subscribers. So, if you are interested in Musehacking and would like all of the articles indefinitely, please sign up! 🙂

In gratitude,


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