Artist Statement

Evanescence: Portraits of the Ephemeral

Consciously pushing the abstract quality of ‘mark making’ with paint, I work primarily in oils with bold, vigorous, rhythmical strokes of sensuous impasto paint, striving to balance the beauty of the paint with the beauty of the motif. In this, I endeavor to create paintings that gratify the mind and nourish the soul, that contemplate and embrace the divine and that celebrate the interconnectedness and ephemerality of all life.

Everything is in a constant flux, and what constitutes form is, at the quantum level, really not much more than space. How often do we strive to posess the ephemeral when nothing lasts, nothing stays the same – people, animals, flowers – everything changes and eventually dies? It is the evanescence of life that is most poignant reason for painting – both the act of painting and the keeping and viewing of paintings.




Selected group exhibitions:

2017 Light in the Forest Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2016 Wildlife Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2015 Forestry Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2014 Agriculture Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)

2013 Field and Forest Exhibition and Sale (Nechako Arts Council Group Exhibition)


Solo exhibitions:

2017 Wild Life (new work in the Wildknife series) 

2014 Selected New Works

2011 Selected New Works

My work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Africa, and Australia.




I have always been inspired by nature, and I especially love painting animals, landscapes and flowers.

Over the past several decades of painting, my style has evolved from “painting every hair” to more impressionist pieces – all with a brush, and sometimes with knifed-in texture. 

Over time, my fascination with, and expertise in handling a painting grew, and I use a knife almost exclusively now. I find it lends a freshness and sponteneity to the work; gives it a real sense of aliveness and personality! And, of course, the colour layering and mixing capabilities far surpass that of a brush.  Compare the paintings to the right and below to the aspen grove painting above.

As I delve deeper into knife-painting, I discover more ways of expression, and even more delight in colour! Enter the new series of ABSTRACT knife paintings, the Secret Messages collection.

I still love brush painting, and do many commissions in the older styles since people still love them, too – especially for portraits of beloved pets.

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